James Yu is an accomplished public affairs professional with 20 years of political, legislative and government relations experience. 

James advises international clients representing various sectors of the energy industry on sensitive policy matters and political issues requiring delicate management.  His expertise has helped senior executives in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia deploy stakeholder engagement strategies, public communication campaigns,  high- level government meetings and appearances before Congressional committees—enabling organizations facing intense scrutiny to emerge from potential crises with reputations intact. Companies he has consulted include Adage, Alstom, AREVA, AREVA Med, Aquila Group, Ausra, BWX Technologies, Canberra Industries, Dominion  Resources, Duke Energy, EDF, Enrichment Technology Company, Entergy, Eurodif, Exelon, La Mancha, NGNP Industry Alliance, Northrop Grumman, Shaw Group, UDS, Uranium  Producers of America, Urenco and URS Corporation.

At AREVA, he served as Senior Director of Government Affairs and led the group’s effort to ensure the U.S. government’s continuing funding commitment to the NNSA Plutonium Disposition Program, a multibillion-dollar non-proliferation project contracted to AREVA and CB&I. As Director of International and Federal Affairs, he helped deliver AREVA Enrichment Services’ successful bid for a $2 billion Department of Energy loan guarantee and won special tax exemption bills for the Eagle Rock Enrichment Project—recognized by Site Selection magazine as “Top Deal of the Year.” He spearheaded the initiative to win U.S. government advocacy for the AREVA consortium’s $20 billion commercial tender for the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation and achieved official Department of Commerce endorsements for select AREVA offerings abroad. 

Previously, he was Deputy Legislative Director to U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter and served several U.S. House and Senate election campaigns. He received advanced training at the London Business School and the Public Affairs Institute and completed studies in political science at Dartmouth College and Yonsei University (Korea). He speaks English, French, Korean and Spanish.​

Dr. Jasper Smith is a senior public affairs professional with experience in public affairs, project administration, international programs and strategic planning.

Qualifications in communications, organization and program development. Specialization in sub-Saharan Africa.

He is the President of PSC International, LLC., where he has developed and managed public affairs and communication campaigns and projects for corporate, governmental,        and political clients. As U.S. representative for the Republic of the Congo, Central African Republic and other international clients, he developed relationships between African clients and NGOs, PVOs, public policy organizations and government agencies. He helped promote investment and trade programs between African clients and U.S. business organizations.

Dr. Smith served as Associate Dean in the College of Communication at Boston University. There he managed all aspects of the administration of the College, including budget development and financial management, strategic planning, external programs, personnel administration, facilities management, development and alumni affairs. He held a faculty appointment as Assistant Professor of Mass Communication. Dr. Smith also served as Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean at Mahkota College in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Boston University”s campus in Asia.

He previously worked as an Information Officer for the Oak Ridge Associated Universities and as a Research Specialist/Analyst for the U.S. Department of Navy, where he conducted a variety of classified research projects for the Department of Defense. Other experience includes: Project Director, Middle East Economic Journalists Project, where he organized and directed an academic/professional program for senior-level economic journalists from the Middle East and South Asia; Project Administrator, Afghan Media Project, where he administered financial and programming components of a media training project in Pakistan; Project Administrator, South African Journalism Training Program, where he organized and administered a journalism training program for black journalists conducted in Johannesburg, South Africa; Project Director, Alaska National Communication Campaign, where he directed a national survey research project for the State of Alaska to document and evaluate the results of a comprehensive communication campaign.

Dr. Smith headed U.S. Election Observer Teams in Gabon for the Presidential elections in 1998 and 2005. He also served as an election observer in the Ethiopian National Elections (African-American Institute) in 1992 and the National Elections in Kenya in 1994 (International Republican Institute).

Dr. Smith has served on the faculties of the University of South Carolina-Beaufort and the College of Communications at the University of Tennessee. He has a master’s in African Studies from Howard University    and earned his Ph.D. in Political Science at Boston University.​

Stephen Dykes joins Full On Communications team bringing along his background of Communication expertise.

He is a graduate from Auburn University.

STEPHEN DYKE - Associate                      

Full On Communications' Founder and CEO Jarret Adams is an MBA-educated corporate communications executive with more than 20 years of international experience

in communications. 

He has worked for AREVA, world leader in nuclear energy, where he served as Vice President of Communications and Director of Media Relations and Online Communications.

He also worked as Senior Communications Consultant/Senior Writer for the U.S. Nuclear Energy Institute. 

Prior to creating Full On Communications, he was a Director of Communications  based in the United Arab Emirates and focusing on the clean energy sector for APCO

Worldwide, a leading international public relations agency.

Mr. Adams also has extensive experience as a freelance writer, editor, correspondent, and government/industry analyst, covering a wide range of topics including business, technology, travel, and international affairs.  His work has been published in the Red Herring (London), Chemical Week magazine (New York), and Forecast International’s World Aerospace & Defense Intelligence newsletter (Newtown, Conn.), among others.

Mr. Adams has studied at Harvard Business School (Cambridge, Mass.; business management); George Washington University (Washington, D.C.; Master of Business Administration); Georgetown University (Washington, D.C.; Graduate Certificate in International Business Management); Ecole Supérieure de Journalisme (Lille, France; graduate school of journalism); and University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, Pa.; Bachelor of Arts in English).

He currently serves on the Civil Nuclear Trade Advisory Committee (CINTAC), which advises the U.S. Secretary of Commerce on nuclear trade issues. Mr. Adams is an experienced public affairs strategist, corporate spokesperson, and speechwriter. He is fluent in English and French and has knowledge of other European languages, Arabic, and Mandarin Chinese.​

JARRET ADAMS - Founder and CEO                        

NATHALIE STEPHERSON - Associate                      

JAMES YU - Vice President                      

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DR. JASPER K. SMITH - Executive Vice President                        

Nathalie Stepherson is a professional administrator and communication specialist with 20-plus years of experience in the nuclear industry. Nathalie is an energetic and efficient part of our Full On Communications consulting team.She has extensive experience in the nuclear industry, has worked in both government and the private sector, and brings a multicultural background along with extensive management and public relations skills. Before joining Full On Communications, Nathalie worked in many different capacities with AREVA, world leader in nuclear energy.

While at AREVA, she was the point of contact for communications and for AREVA T&D tradeshows in domestic and international settings. She previously worked for Framatome USA Inc., a predecessor of AREVA, and was involved in many public relations aspects of the company.

Ms. Stepherson has a bachelor’s degree from Mount Holyoke College in French & Spanish and is fluent in both languages.​