strategic COMMUNICATIONS AND PUblic affairs

James Yu is an accomplished public affairs professional with 20 years of political, legislative and government relations experience. 

James advises international clients representing various sectors of the energy industry on sensitive policy matters and political issues requiring delicate management.  His expertise has helped senior executives in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia deploy stakeholder engagement strategies, public communication campaigns,  high- level government meetings and appearances before Congressional committees—enabling organizations facing intense scrutiny to emerge from potential crises with reputations intact. Companies he has consulted include Adage, Alstom, AREVA, AREVA Med, Aquila Group, Ausra, BWX Technologies, Canberra Industries, Dominion  Resources, Duke Energy, EDF, Enrichment Technology Company, Entergy, Eurodif, Exelon, La Mancha, NGNP Industry Alliance, Northrop Grumman, Shaw Group, UDS, Uranium  Producers of America, Urenco and URS Corporation.

At AREVA, he served as Senior Director of Government Affairs and led the group’s effort to ensure the U.S. government’s continuing funding commitment to the NNSA Plutonium Disposition Program, a multibillion-dollar non-proliferation project contracted to AREVA and CB&I. As Director of International and Federal Affairs, he helped deliver AREVA Enrichment Services’ successful bid for a $2 billion Department of Energy loan guarantee and won special tax exemption bills for the Eagle Rock Enrichment Project—recognized by Site Selection magazine as “Top Deal of the Year.” He spearheaded the initiative to win U.S. government advocacy for the AREVA consortium’s $20 billion commercial tender for the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation and achieved official Department of Commerce endorsements for select AREVA offerings abroad. 

Previously, he was Deputy Legislative Director to U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter and served several U.S. House and Senate election campaigns. He received advanced training at the London Business School and the Public Affairs Institute and completed studies in political science at Dartmouth College and Yonsei University (Korea). He speaks English, French, Korean and Spanish.​


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